Make Things Better® is a grassroots movement that exists to start a different story, a stronger alternative narrative. One that celebrates antidotes to the in-some-ways-near-crisis age we live in. And one that spreads the idea of a happier, safer, more hopeful, and more giving world.

The brand was created by Bultema Group, a boutique design and communications firm located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The firm is committed to one guiding principle: make things better. Bultema Group is a business, but also an opportunity: to take care of each other, to serve each other, to change minds and to move markets, and to live within a broader vision for business and for life.

Make Things BetterĀ® tees are printed in downtown Grand Rapids by Ambrose, a youth empowering, community building, custom screen printing venture. And an organization that demonstrates the #makethingsbetter idea.

Designed and printed in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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